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X-Men Evolution MV - Last Resort

I was cleaning up my files and found this old music video I made ages ago... the only fan music video I ever attempted :) Thought I would post it for posterity, ah the good old days when I had lots of time on my hands... ^_^

Let's see, if i remember correctly it was supposed to feature X23 and her growing frustration with captivity and wanting to break free.

This next video was one I downloaded and kept because it was a particular favorite from all the various ones posted at the time. It features Rogue (my favorite :) and I just love the song chosen - Madonna's - Has to Be, perfect for her.

Couldn't post these on YouTube - which I found is actually hosting full episodes of X-Men Evolution (worth checking out if you haven't and its free :)  - so I found that 4shared.com also has video sharing capabilities, good to know  ^_^
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