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2011 Eyeshield 21 ~ HiruMamo Fan Calendar, Part 2

Well since it is a holiday weekend (MLK!) and its been cold and rainy for the past few days, I had some down time to fulfill some of the tasks on my 'ToDo' list. This one got extended into full-page and desktop wallpaper versions - so, I tried my best to accommodate the masses (2 people :) but they both contribute a lot to this small community.

Part 1, CD Calendar
Part 2, Full-Page Calendars
Part 3, Desktop Wallpapers (TBD)

Hmm, these were MUCH easier than the CD desktop calendars, makes me wonder why bother with CD one at all - these are just as nice (IMHO :) I kinda went crazy and made A LOT of them, the template I made was easy to make and manipulate and there were a lot of nice images to choose from.

For a limited time, if you have a favorite image (any image, does not need to be HiruMamo) that you would like me to make into a full-page calendar for you, just comment here with a link to the image you want used and/or any other info. Most images can be used (within reason)

I made both profile and landscape versions, all are standard US letter 8.5 x 11in.  If you want one converted to another size, let me know which one and I'll try and accommodate. All are saved to Adobe PDF for easy printing. I went ahead and extended the image to fill the entire page for those of you with borderless printers, but I made sure all the info and image are within a safe margin - if there is a problem, please let me know.

Click on the image to download the PDF. I did a few with all white backgrounds for those who want to save their ink a bit.









--- request #1 for immortalizepain

This image a a little tricky and had to resize it quite a bit! I tried both layouts and played with the calender some, hope it turned out as nice as you wanted.


I may make more over time, if so I'll just add them to this post.

comments, questions, suggestions, all are welcome ~ enjoy!
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