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Sailor Moon Coloring Book (ぬりえ)

Sailor Moon Extras Coloring Book (ぬりえ)
Chinese Import
ISBN 4 177485 087450
Size @ 18 x 25.5 cm
32 coloring pages

This is one of my nicer bootleg (or chinese reprint) books, the cover image is kinda horrible, but the contents are nice, quality images and decent paper quality. Not as nice as an original Japanese import, but the next best thing. It is hard to find copies of every Sailor Moon coloring book, so I take my changes on the bootlegs as well - this one was worth it. There were images I didn't have in my other books like a rare Sailor Pluto image, plus there are a lot of nice group images.

Sailor MoonSailor Moon
Tags: coloring book, sailor moon, ぬりえ

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