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manga :: Mairunovich

by SATO Zakuri

scanlated by: HaruHime
downloads: Forum || MT

In my quest to find a few new series to follow I came across this little shoujo comedy from a fairly new scanlation group. There are only a couple of chapters out but the premiss is an apologetic girl who thinks very little of herself and is treated with either disdain, ridicule or ignored by her peers and family. After a humiliating prank and a few chats with the school 'king,' she decided to change, but even though she can change on the outside, truly changing on the inside will take more time.

So far it is interesting enough to see what the next few chapters bring, lately I prefer the shoujo comedies to the overly romantic/dramatic romances (most of the time) so I have high hope for a little light fun with this one.

Anyone have any other recommendations?
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