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videos :: A Feast at Midnight (1994)

A Feast at Midnight
PG 1994

Recently watched this movie on netflix streaming site, another little movie I never heard of, but was glad I clicked to watch. A charming family movie aimed at kids, but not too silly that adults can't enjoy it.

Gawd, the movie cover on IMDB is awful! If that was the cover netflix used, I think I would have skipped even reading the review!! Just goes to show that advertizing can be misleading. Isn't this one better? --> Okay so the text is horrible, but the picture - much more representative of the movie.

A few things that drew me to watch the movie:

1) British boarding school - boarding house movies are always fun and fascinating to me, at least as a setting
2) Light comedy - was in the mood :) didn't want to think too hard, just enjoy a nice light movie
3) Christopher Lee and Robert Hardy (big name actors LOTR, Star Wars, HP ) of course hey have been in a lot of great movies between them, seen them in BBC productions for years - always fun to see good actors take a secondary/supportive role in what are essentially child or family movies, usually means that there is some substance there
4) Cooking - I loved the premise of the boys banding together to cook midnight feasts, so innocent at that age - loved their club sign, so cute!!

Hard to review a movie like this ( at least to me ) it is light and family friendly, no real depth or adventure or drama - just young kids being kids, acting is a little over the top but that is what you would expect - one of those movies that entertains, but doesn't stretch the imagination. Enjoyable ( at last for adults) if you are in the mood, slow and boring if you are not. Well-thought out plot, without going too silly or out-of-character.
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