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Mediafire Stats ...

I was uploading some more files to my mediafire account for you guys and I really hate the new sharing layout, too much clicking and selecting just to do a simple thing... anyway, I decided to check my account settings and see if i had any options - I didn't, but... well this was interesting -  my stats

Okay, I know this isn't interesting to anyone but me - but I was so blown away by these 'stats'

Total Storage Used: 66.46 GB From 3,806 total files
- whoa, and i haven't really even begun to upload to this account!!

Total Downloads Served: 94,595 since Nov. 08, 2008.
- WTF!!! This can't be right! I mean, no it just can't be correct!! Way too high, I only get a couple of people visiting my little nothing blog...

Est. Bandwidth Served: 1.24 TB from currently hosted files
- okay, how are they calculating all of this, because most of my files are not even accessible - they are storage only

*shakes head*
quoting Hikoichi "Unbelievable!"

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