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manga :: Lisa Kleypas - The Wallflowers Series (covers)

I finally got my copies ^_^

I may do a little review on the mangas if anyone is interested - but sorry, no full scans, I want to keep these books - so no ripping to scan - they were expensive enough - but I might scan a few pages here and there if the drawings inspire me to share.

Enjoy the cover scans and little icons ^_^

Wallflowers-Book01     Wallflowers-Book02
Wallflower 01 Wallflower 02 Wallflower 03      Wallflower 04 Wallflower 05 Wallflower 06

Wallflowers-Book03     Wallflowers-Book04
Wallflower 07 Wallflower 08 Wallflower 09      Wallflower 10 Wallflower 11 Wallflower 12
Tags: # downloads, # scans, lisa kleypas, manga, romance, shoujo

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