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manga :: Lisa Kleypas - The Wallflowers Series (review)

I've perused my copies of Lisa Kleypas' Wallflowers series of mangas and thought I would give my thoughts on them and also share a few scans from each manga.  Overall, I'm very pleased with my copies, sure they are adaptions and changes had to be made and events left out - but I do appreciate that even though each book was drawn by a different artist, there was a real effort to maintain consistency of character design though all the books.

The Wallflowers Book 1: Secrets of a Summer Night
Kabe no Hana: Hishoyaka na Shoka no Yoru
Lisa Kleypas / HANABUSA Youko

Simon & Annabelle 01 Simon & Annabelle 02 Simon & Annabelle 03

The Wallflowers Book 2: It Happened One Autumn
Kabe no Hana: Koino kaoriha akikazeni notte
Lisa Kleypas / OGATA Rin

Marcus & Lillian 01 Marcus & Lillian 02 Marcus & Lillian 03

The Wallflowers Book 3: Devil in Winter
Kabe no Hana: Fuyuzora ni mau tenshi to
Lisa Kleypas / KISHIDA Reiko

Sebastian & Evie 01 Sebastian & Evie 02 Sebastian & Evie 04

The Wallflowers Book 4: A Scandal in Spring
Kabe no Hana: Haru no ameni nuretemo
Lisa Kleypas / AKINO Nanami

Matthew & Daisy 01 Matthew & Daisy 02 Matthew & Daisy 03
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