October 7th, 2009

Shoujo Coloring

Sailor Moon SuperS Dress-Up Doll Book (きせかえ)

Sailor Moon SuperS Dress-Up Book (きせかえ)
Original Japanese Import
ISBN 4-901771-000168
CN - 1421310 - F
Size @ 18 x 25.5 cm (B5)
8 card board pages

This is a dress-up doll book. The paper dolls are on sturdy cardboard punch outs and feature all the inner senshi characters and several outfits and accessories for each.


Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Coloring Book (ぬりえ)

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon (ぬりえ)
Original Japan Import
ISBN 4-09223-338-1
Size @ 22.5 x 28.75 cm
20 coloring pages

This is a contact sheet with all the images inside this coloring book. I thought it would be helpful for future buyers to know what they are getting. I will try and do this for all my books.

This is a nice book, has a lot of nice Usagi x Mamoru couple images ^_^ which is rare as he is kinda ignored most of the time.
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