HelloSugah (hellosugah) wrote,

Nan and Miss Jo

Nan and Miss Jo (Little Men, Jo's Boys)
(若草物語 ナンとジョー先生, Wakakusa Monogatari: Nan to Jōsensei, 1993)

40 Episodes, 10 DVDs

Summary: Josephine March has grown into womanhood about ten years since "Little Women" and is now married to the German Professor, Friedrich Bhaer. In the Plumfield farm-house that Aunt March had left her, Jo Bhaer has established a new school for her two sons, Robby and Teddy, nephews and a gang of orphaned children including Nan Harding and a rough, street-wise adolescent named Dan. With the experience of a model childhood and a faithful and caring husband, Jo guides her pupils in their young lives; with song, music and play, the children are led through the joys and sorrows of life, work and play, rewards and punishments, getting involved in all sorts of mischief and adventure.

Tags: jo's boys, little men, nan and miss jo, world masterpiece theater

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