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Coloring Book Trades

I am still interested in new/old anime coloring books, specifically original imports, not bootlegs (unless they are really well done, or of a hard to find anime series).

So, I'm willing to trade with anyone who has books I don't have (see my collection). I know I have a lot of books, but there are plenty of coloring books out there that I don't have (can't win every auction :) so don't hesitate - if I don't already have it, I'll trade for it - even if it is an obscure series I've never heard of.

I prefer to trade like for like.

--- General Trades ---

Physical Trade
We trade one book for one book. Obviously this will depend on whether or not I still have the book(s) you want. I prefer to trade like for like. If you want an original import with 32 pages, then I would want an original import, not a bootleg with 16 pages... there can be exceptions, just ask and we can work something out.

Physical Trade for Digital Scans
If I no longer have any of the books you want, then I am willing to trade digital copies for the physical copy. Five (5) digital downloads for the physical copy. Of course your choices of digital copies, I keep a scanned copy of every coloring book I've ever owned (with a few exceptions). So, any book in my collection is available for you to choose from. This is a last resort option, I will NOT accept just any anime themed coloring books to trade for, it will have to be something really rare or a series that I'm particularly fond of. I prefer to trade digital scans. Do NOT expect me to use this option often.

Digital Scans for Digital Scans
This is my preferred method. You keep your book and we trade digital copies. One digital copy for one digital copy. I have specific requirements for digital scans (see below). They are pretty simple, if you own the book and a scanner, it shouldn't be a problem.

--- Trading Rules ---

If you want to trade for physical books, then you will have to send your book to me first. Once I receive it, I will send you your new book or a link to you digial downloads. I have several LJ accounts and sell on eBay, Amazon, etc... so you can certainly see my track record, and also have infinite places to complain about me I fail to keep my end of the bargain. I have been burned before, so I must insist on this precaution.

If you want to trade digital scans, you send me thumbsnails or a link to a listing of covers/samples so I have a list to select from, my list is here. We agree to trade 1-for-1. Again I will insist on receiving the link to your download first. It is just too easy for people to take advantage on digital scans. I do have specific requirements for digital scans, and would prefer that my digital requirements be followed... if you have the book and scan them yourself, then there shouldn't be a problem. These is no rush, if you need a week or two I don't mind - I'm sure I will need the same courtesy in return. We are trading and it is to both our benefit to be honest and communicate well so both are happy with the trade.

--- Digital Scan Requirements ---
These are my basic scanning guidelines. I follow these steps when I scan.

1. Scan each page as flat as possible so that there are no wrinkles on the page and minimum blurring around the edges. I know it can be difficult for some pages, but make a decent effort.
2. Scan ALL the pages, the front cover, back cover, color inserts, lyrics, etc... scan it ALL.
3. Scan all images with normal default settings (should be fine) at 24-bit Color, 300 dpi resolution.
    If you are more scanned savy and don't mind changing your options,
    scan any color pages at 600 dpi 24-bit color and
    scan the line-art images at 300 dpi 8-bit Grayscale.
    If you don't know or are not comfortable doing this, then don't worry about it :)
4. Scan the entire screen, don't try and crop just the image. It is quicker and simpler.
5. Save all images as either JPG or PNG at the highest quality.

I prefer to have a very high quality scan and do the cleaning and resizing myself in Photoshop.

--- My Digital Scans ---
I've scanned my books over many years, and gone through several scanners. But I've always followed the basic rules above. Right now I'm using an EPSON flatbed scanner/printer.

I'm willing to trade any part of my 3 parts of my scanning process, it is your choice - just tell me which version you prefer.

1. 300 dpi raw scans. For people like me who want to do the cleaning and alterations yourself.

Sample | Sample | Sample

These can take up quite a bit of space - If I upload it to a file sharing site, it might take several downloads

2. A clean version of the scans edited my me. The most time consuming option.

Sample | Sample

I usually try and edit the two pagers into one image, or edit it so that the images is easier to work with. I do this when I have the time or the need - so not all have been edited this way. I haven't 'cleaned' every book, I tend to do the work as needed. (this site is helping give me a reason :) If you prefer the cleaned up versions, I may need a little time to complete the work if it is not already finished. I have a rather high standard, I like to have nice finished images ^_^

3. A PDF of the entire book for easy printing. This was a problem I came across a lot a few years back, I tend to like big images and would often neglect the printing size and just look at the pixels and this would create printing problems for some people. Creating a PDF was the easiest way to help those with printer challenges printing on one sheet :) much easier for little kids too (once you show them how)! Plus, it is easier to print multiple images on one sheet (how I make all the contact sheets ) ^_^


If you wish to trade, please leave a comment to this post - I have screened all comments so that details will not be open to the public domain. We can move the discussion to email as well.

Any other questions? Feel free to leave a comment and I'll do my best to answer it.

I still get the occasional email from people who want copies, I've mentioned several times that I will NOT release downloads, any I do release is my choice alone. My goal is to sell my originals. I also don't want to sell my digital copies - I don't think that is the right thing to do either. I may make an exception for the really old and rare books that are no longer easy to obtain, but many of them can still be found in auctions. If I sell digital copies, they will be in locked PDF format.
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