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Kawaii Skull Stars

I just got these along with my volume of yamato nadeshiko shichi - when I saw them  I squealed like Sunako, they were just sooo kawaii^_^

I bought an extra set to sell, cause I'm sure there would be someone else interested in these cute skull stamps sets - but ecrater is down for an unscheduled maintenance.... grrrr, so I thought I would at least post the stock images here in case there was someone interested and advertise them a bit (all 5 people who visit my LJ, LOL).

Hell, really I just wanted an excuse to make and use my new icon, LOL  I think I'll pay around with these and make a kawaii skull icons set ^_^

Sunako is not alone in her love of skulls and the like, The Nightmare Before Christmas is still quite popular in Japan - at least as far as merchandise goes. You will often see cute items for sale (I was really tempted to buy one of the stuffed animals, another weakness of mine - ahh, one of my regrets!) along side all the disney, hello kitty, snoopy, and totoro stuff, etc... I assume this is a spin off of Nightmare's popularity.

This is the coolest stamp set ever - there are 12 stamps and they come in a plastic case with ink pads. I loved stickers and ink stamps like these as a kid - so it will be fun playing with these again ^_^

This is a cute skull star eraser in a plastic case - it smells like strawberry bubblegum ^_^
There is a blue roller (harder) eraser on top and a regular white eraser on the bottom, the Japanese love cute stationary items ^_^

And these are pencil caps (I actually can use these, I hate the mess pencils leave in my purse, lol)
They come 4 in a pack. Plastic.

Aren't they kawaii!!! ^_^
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