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2009 Eyeshield 21 Postcard Calendar

LOL, okay this is probably kinda silly, but after seeing the RuiHiru doujinshi postcards I really wanted to make some HiruMamo themed postcards for myself, just for fun. ^_^ Well, I've been playing and printing all afternoon, LOL. Ended up not sticking to the HiruMamo only them, as I wanted to capture the spirit of the month as well :) Maybe with a little more digging I can find some other interesting images to use. Also, never tried to make a calendar before, the mechanics are a little more difficult than I first thought, will try and be more creative if I attempt to do this again for next year :)

Well, here are a couple of postcard calendars for the rest of 2009. Didn't see the need to do past months... I saved these as PNG to retain some quality, (if you are anal like me, I'll upload the HQ versions too, but I printed both and these printed okay - with the correct printer preferences, not as crisp, but hardly noticeable really :)

I didn't have any printer postcard stock paper, so I just used regular card stock and cut them out myself.
I saved two per page to save paper.

Let me know if you like them / use them - and if there are any errors in the calendar dates, i messed up on one batch and didn't notice it until after i printed a few, I think i got them all, but well you know :)

Size: 4" x  6"


Tags: # downloads, # scans, doujinshi, eyeshield 21, hiruma, mamori

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