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Oniisama E... (Brother, Dear Brother)

Oniisama E... (Brother, Dear Brother)

39 Episodes on 8 DVDs

This is an NHK series, it is a classic shoujo anime series based on a manga by Riyoko Ikeda.

Oniisama DVD 01
©NHK / NEP / Ikeda Riyoko Productions / Tezuka Productions

Summary: Nanako is starting her first year in high school at a new prestigious all-girl academy where wealth, power and beauty rule. When she is chosen to be a member of the exclusive Sorority, she is immediately made the target of speculation and harassing by all the other girls who find it unfair that such a nobody was chosen. But, unknown to Nanako (and everyone else) is that there is a reason behind her selection by none other than Miya-sama, the president of the Sorority. And this secret is only one of the plots twists that starts to unravel as she begins to discover the past of the popular girls at the school and how they relate to her own family's past. Along the way she grows into a stronger person as she experiences friendship, loss, hate, betrayal, and love.

This is one of my favorite anime series and mangas... I actually own all the mangas (the anime version too!) and now I have the DVDs!! I wish they made more shows like this, captivating story, complex characters, fantastic voice actors, beautiful art, and so much melodrama, I love it!!

- - -

When I visited Okinawa I got DVD copies of a lot of the lesser known anime series that I knew as a kid but get very little attention this side of the pond, I knew it would be my only chance to see some of there shows. I want to at least take screen captures from all the various shows, but figuring out the quickest, easiest and best way took a lot more time than I anticipated :) actually the entire process takes quite a bit of time regardless, so I may not be able to do everything I want, but this series is very dear to my heart, so I made this my #1 project.

I plan on creating screen captures of all the episodes. I did a few several months ago of episode 1, but I didn't really know what I was doing, so I cropped and edited, etc... I want to do a more traditional job of it this time around. I also realized that if I upload all the screen shots to LJ Gallery I will quickly run out of space, so I needed to find a new image sharing site for all these captures. For the moment I'm going to upload to Mediafire. It is free and unlimited. If anyone has other suggestions for sites please comment with the link so I can check them out. My only requirements are they need to be free, offer a lot of upload space, and have a counter. Most people don't comment, so my only feedback is the counter - if there isn't a lot of interest, then it isn't a high priority for me to focus my free time on it. I tend to shift between projects, and the ones with the most action get my attention :)

These new screen captures done using VLC Media Player @ 720 x 480.

I tried several and I like the results from VLC the best, but I'm not an expert. This is my first time using VLC to take screen captures, so anyone with advice or better programs for me to tryout, please advice, I don't want to have to redo past efforts. I decided on 720 x 420 instead of a 4:3 resolution as both looked good to my eye, but I can so them at a 4:3 aspect if people prefer. I also choose PNG as the file type, it results in bigger file sizes but the quality is better. Also all the images were captured at 72dpi, I've rather have a higher dpi, but couldn't figure out how to change this either.

I tried capturing at 25 second intervals but it would often miss the best shots, tried 10 second and still there would be specific scenes I wanted and they didn't capture right. So I decided to go with 5 second intervals. This obviously results in an overkill of screen captures, but this anime has so many quick and subtle changes and emotions, it seemed the only way. I will forced to pick and choose which images to upload as obviously there will be way too many duplicate and boring captures. So hopefully I will upload the best of the bunch, but if there is a particular scene that you want and I missed, don't hesitate to ask me - if I have the time I'll try and capture it for you.

All images are unedited (no retouching) so there are still some black borders around the edges (anyone know how to crop these out when taking screen captures? I tried to crop the video and a few other ideas and nothing, so I just left it - perhaps it is normal?

Links to the downloads for each episode will be linked here as I complete them.


[icons] 00 Opening Credits
[icons] 00 Opening Creditless
[icons] 01 The Magnificent Ones
[icons] 02 The Glass Slippers
[icons] 03 Nanako Is Disqualified
[icons] 04 The Music Box
[icons] 05 Thorns of Suspicion and Doubt
[icons] 06 Lost and Alone
[icons] 07 The Darkness in the Clock Tower
[icons] 08 I Want You
[icons] 09 Relapse; Broken Heart
[icons] 10 Mariko
[icons] 11 Under the Elm Tree
[icons] 12 The Scar
[icons] 13 A Tale of Double Suicide
[icons] 14 The Secret Door
[icons] 15 Fukiko - The Sea Rumbles
[icons] 16 Comeback
[icons] 17 Post Scriptum
[icons] 18 Into the Dream
[icons] 19 The Transient Game
[icons] 20 The Gardening Shears
[icons] 21 The University Fair
[icons] 22 A Summer's Serenade
[icons] 23 The Forbidden Gift
[icons] 24 Encore
[icons] 25 The Scarlet Lipstick
[icons] 26 The Promise in the Snow
[icons] 27 An Incident of Bloodshed
[icons] 28 The Christmas Candles
[icons] 29 The Assembly
[icons] 30 The Petition
[icons] 31 The Bad Apple
[icons] 32 Pride, and the Final Meeting
[icons] 33 Fly High
[icons] 34 Ablution
[icons] 35 A Beach of Dreams
[icons] 36 Glowing Fireflies, Blazing Passion
[icons] 37 Carousel
[icons] 38 Yes
[icons] 39 A Lingering Fragrance
[icons] 00 Ending Credits
[icons] 00 Ending Creditless

Feel free to use any image you like, I don't really care about credit (like anyone can really enforce it)... but it would be nice if you did. I would love to see what you do with them, so a comment and a link to your icons/banners/etc would be nice ^_^

Comments in general are nice - if only to let me know that there is interest and the project is worthwhile. ^_^
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