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2010 Eyeshield 21 ~ MusaHiru Fan Calendar

Hi, I've been collecting Eyeshield 21 doujinshi for a few years, mostly HiruMamo, but a few of  the yaoi pairing worked their way into my collection :) the art is generally much better, lol

Anyway, I've made a HiruMamo calendar and thought, "I have enough images to make a couple yaoi ones too!" So, here is my first attempt at a yaoi offering to this community :) I tried my best to make is as nice as possible, yet still completely accessible and hopefully easy to print and use! Please excuse the HiruMamo samples (I didn't feel it necessary to re-take the photos) I hope it doesn't offend ^_^

I decided to make this set a kinda arts and craft project for everyone, of course you could just print but I think putting in the extra effort makes it especially nice ^_^ I got the idea from this website, I was looking for calendar templates and came across the CD stand idea - probably been around a while, but it was the first I had heard of it :) Who doesn't have a few dozen CD cases lying around... I like the CD idea and used his basic design to make my own PSD calendar templates.

I decided to save all the images to a PDF for easy printing and compression. There are two months per page, each page is 8.5 x 11 inches or normal US Letter sized paper. The images should print to fit a standard US CD case (4 5/8 x 5 3/8 inches). I only did the months and not a cover or back, didn't think they were necessary - but I was thinking of making a full page sheet with all the months for my binder - anyone interested if i do?

For best results print in color using your printers recommended settings for the type of paper your are using. I printed a set on both Glossy and Matte paper, which are thicker papers made for ink jet printing and had good results. You can also print to plain paper, but the paper may curl or be harder to prop up on the stand. For the stand you will need a standard empty CD case.

The directions are simple:

1. Download the PDF file.
2. Print.
     - Make sure Page Scaling is set to None and the Paper Orientation is Landscape.
     - Don't forget to select your paper type and the best quality options available for your printer for the best results.
3. Cut out the calendars.
4. Carefully take apart your CD case. You only need the outer plastic covers, you can discard the CD holder inside.

5. Reassemble the outer plastic to create a stand. You will need to reverse or flip one side when you reassemble them. The back side of the CD should be up and the front side is the base of your stand.

6. Then just place your calendar pages in the stand! Easy right! ^_^

Should look like this:

If you don't have room to use the stand or just want to store the images. You can reassemble the CD case the normal way and use the case to hold all the images. You can prop this up anywhere too or use a frame stand.

I also tried using a slim case, and although it doesn't hold all 12 cards, it will hold a couple at a time. You could just put the rest underneath

well, that is it!

If anyone wants a different pairing or you want specific images used, just ask and I'll see what I can put together - or send me links to the images you want... the images just need to be large enough so that they will print well.

oh, I checked and double checked, but there still maybe mistakes - if so please let me know so I can fix them!

comments, questions, suggestions, all are welcome ~ enjoy!



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