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Slave or Lover ~ a Habashira & Hiruma Only Event

I was browsing around and found these on Yahoo!auction - seems they held a few Rui and Hiruma only events where memorabilia was sold, they are soo cute.

Flyer and Tickets and the 44P Circle Catalog for the event, a thumb fan and otaku towel :) 04.21.2007

Collectors Cards with Aluminum case, 9 card + 3 trading cards, the back of the nine cards forms a puzzle

3 postcard tarot cards, small notepad, some badges and stamps or stickers (can't tell from the translation)

Special Postcard Calendar from 03.07.2005 Event (with case and/or stand)

A plate and mug set

well, i thought they were worth preserving after the auctions disappear :)
Tags: habashira, hiruma, pairing:ruihiru, rui

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