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Naruto Coloring Book (ぬりえ)

Naruto Coloring Book (ぬりえ)
Original Japanese Import
ISBN 4-901772-500643
Size @ 18 x 25.5 cm
32 coloring pages

When Naruto was born the spirit of a evil nine-tailed fox was imprisoned within him, rendering him the hate of the villagers in the ninja-village of the Leaf who feared the demon in him. Countering this hate he grew into the role of the clown, trying to attract attention by making a fool of himself and his teachers. But within him dwells the dream of becoming Hokage, the strongest warrior of the village. When he graduates from the academy he is placed in the same group as Sakura, the technician and the girl he loves and Sasuke, the strong, quiet guy and his rival for Sakura. Leader and teacher of the group are Kakashi, the strange and always late, though powerful ninja.

Tags: # scans, coloring book, naruto, ぬりえ

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