manga :: Lisa Kleypas - The Wallflowers Series

I have loved Lisa Kleypas' Wallflower series for years - since the first novels were published.  Not surprisingly the 'wallflower' in the title lead me to them initially, but they are a fun series of historical or Victorian-era romance novels with fun characters, romance and humor. The basic premise of the series are four girls for various reasons (poor, american, shy) are considered unappealing as marriageable prospects and thus are left hugging the walls during social events, ie wallflowers. One evening they decided to help each other find suitable husbands by pooling their strengths to overcome their weaknesses.

And now they are in manga form... How did I not know about these before now!

So, my new favorite scanlator group Transient Mirage has them listed and already has release a few parts of book 1 Kabe no Hana: Hishoyaka na Shoka no Yoru - so far it looks to be a really well drawn and well adapted series. I can't wait til I get my copies of the mangas (ordered them yesterday :) and look forward to the scanlations too ^_^

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Winter Coat

manga :: Game Over by Fuka Mizutani

I have had several requests for scans of Game Over by Fuka Mizutani.
Sorry for the long delay, but better late than never.
I'm going to skip the first 3 short one-shots as they have been translated by Silent Dream Scanlation group, check it out and leave a comment of appreciation here. ^_^

These are RAW scans and remember Japanese mangas are read right to left!

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Shoujo Coloring

My Shoujo Coloring Book Collection

This is simply a record of all the various Japanese shoujo coloring books I've collected over the years.

These books are hard to find in the USA or anywhere outside of Japan. They are not related to any specific anime or manga series, but are just general shoujo or girl coloring books featuring beautifully elaborate girls with big sparkly eyes, lots of hair and fancy dresses. These books played a big part in my childhood, I loved tracing them, copying them, making up names and stories for all the girls - they were just lovely to look at ^_^

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Mediafire Stats ...

I was uploading some more files to my mediafire account for you guys and I really hate the new sharing layout, too much clicking and selecting just to do a simple thing... anyway, I decided to check my account settings and see if i had any options - I didn't, but... well this was interesting -  my stats

Okay, I know this isn't interesting to anyone but me - but I was so blown away by these 'stats'

Total Storage Used: 66.46 GB From 3,806 total files
- whoa, and i haven't really even begun to upload to this account!!

Total Downloads Served: 94,595 since Nov. 08, 2008.
- WTF!!! This can't be right! I mean, no it just can't be correct!! Way too high, I only get a couple of people visiting my little nothing blog...

Est. Bandwidth Served: 1.24 TB from currently hosted files
- okay, how are they calculating all of this, because most of my files are not even accessible - they are storage only

*shakes head*
quoting Hikoichi "Unbelievable!"
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videos :: A Feast at Midnight (1994)

A Feast at Midnight
PG 1994

Recently watched this movie on netflix streaming site, another little movie I never heard of, but was glad I clicked to watch. A charming family movie aimed at kids, but not too silly that adults can't enjoy it.

Gawd, the movie cover on IMDB is awful! If that was the cover netflix used, I think I would have skipped even reading the review!! Just goes to show that advertizing can be misleading. Isn't this one better? --> Okay so the text is horrible, but the picture - much more representative of the movie.

A few things that drew me to watch the movie:

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Winter Coat

videos :: Murdock Mysteries

Since I have to pay for the streaming - I've started to browse and watch more on Netflix.com and found that there are quite a lot of interesting shows and movies that I missed the first time around.

I love a good mystery series (Poirot, Midsummer, etc...) so, I'm surprised that I missed this little gem: Murdoch Mysteries. Set in Victorian England, the series follows a police detective and integrates the mysteries with all the new science that was being discovered. The first episode explores AC electricity and touches upon the electricity war that was being waged between Edison and Tesla at the time. An interesting concept mixing murder with turn of the century science and the beginnings of forensic science to solve murders.

If you like a good mystery and love getting a little science lesson - this series is for you. So far I'm loving it!

Shoujo Romance

manga :: Kimi ni Todoke (Reaching You)

Kimi ni Todoke (Reaching You)
by SHINA Karuho

Scanlations: Mango Scans
Downloads: MT | Chinese raws

I'm so glad this manga is is back from hiatus - even though the releases are still rather slow, it is better than nothing for months and months!  I have to say that I started reading this manga because of the slight similarity to another favorite of mine Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge. Slight in that both girls were comparatively similar in their apprentice to horror girls, lol. But Sawako is as different in personality from Sunako in every way possible, except in that they both care about their friends. As much as I love YamaNade for its parody-comedy, KnT follows a traditional shoujo storyline of a coming of age romance. It is sweet, has plenty of awkward misunderstandings and drama, but it also manages (so far) to not go over the top the way many of them do. It keeps the characters and their situations simple, realistic, and honest.

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